Review: Fresh Sugar Face Polish

After the sudden death of my Clarisonic Mia (R.I.P) a while back, the hunt for a replacement facial exfoliant ensued. With each passing day I could feel my skin getting ickier to the touch. I never fully felt clean, even after washing my face (sometimes even three times a day!). How could anything replace the good times that I had with my trusty ol’ Clarisonic? I knew I wanted to branch away and try something new, but I was struggling to find something that I could trust.

On my nose, I went back to my pre-Clarisonic/teenager days, and super-gigantic-monster pores developed that soon transformed into super-gigantic-monster blackheads (you are so welcome for that image). I was getting desperate! And then I came across Fresh Sugar Face Polish.

I was drawn to this as I read a whole bucket load of positive reviews, claiming it to smell divine and to work wonders on the skin. It was on the pricier side ($99.50 for 125ml – YEOW!), but I decided to take the plunge (and perhaps skip a few meals for the next few weeks), as like I say, I was desperate!

I hear you ask, “was it worth it?”. Honestly, it is a great product in that it looks and feels luxurious. It is in a really sturdy porcelain-feeling jar with a thick plastic lid, and the design itself is simple and classic, something I wouldn’t be ashamed to display in my bathroom. As soon as I opened the pot I was greeted with the most luscious scent! A very fresh and calming lemon-strawberry-brown sugar smell, I really had to refrain myself from eating it (admittedly a wee bit dribbled in my mouth at one stage, and it didn’t taste too bad – bonus)! It worked really nicely with my skin – absolutely no redness or stinging sensations. It’s a really gentle scrub; the brown sugar mixture just melts into your skin and leaves you feeling soft and silky! Just lovely.

I must mention though, this isn’t just your average exfoliant. You scrub it around your face until the sugar dissolves and then you leave it for about ten minutes before rinsing it off, leaving your skin smooth and supple! That part I can vouch for, however, the actual exfoliating that it does is very gentle. This is a product that would be good to use on a daily basis, if not a few times per week. To get rid of my gigantic blackheads however, this product isn’t the one for me. Additionally, when I use it in the shower, I have to briefly turn the shower off as to not get water in the jar, and then I tuck the jar out of the shower to avoid melting the product from the heat.


However, I will continue to use it as it does leave me very soft, and I really do love the smell! Due to its price, I’ll probably keep an eye out for something a little bit cheaper, but there’s no doubt that this product is nothing short of luxurious.

If you’re after a gorgeously gentle and truly luxurious scrub, and can afford the rather hefty price tag, then give this product a go!